Summer Holiday

Summer 2021

Our 41st annual European summer training will now take place in summer 2021. We will keep you posted as plans develop.

T’ai Chi Summer Holiday’s are an amazing opportunity to take a week to relax, grow and develop your T’ai Chi.

In existence for over 40 years the T’ai Chi Foundation (TCF) is an International non-profit School whose mission is to study and teach T’ai Chi Chuan as a way to bring health and consciousness to humanity. The school has a body of teachers located worldwide whose love of T’ai Chi provides classes ranging from beginning to advanced levels each taught with fresh enthusiasm and new insights each year.

Summer Holidays offered by the TCF attract a unique variety of people from around the globe, from all walks of life and age groups.

Each day our team teaching gives step-by-step guidance through four hours of tuition, two hours of T’ai Chi and a further two hours to promote embodiment.

T’ai Chi practice promotes health and wellbeing through relaxation. Be receptive to leave feeling both relaxed and energised. Your holiday allows time to meet and make new friends, take part in Hawaiian swimming, or take a leisurely walk with friends old and new.