Summer Holiday

Summer Tai Chi Holiday

This year and last year we held our annual residential European Summer T’ai Chi Holiday in Cheltenham at Dean Close, a private boarding school with spacious grounds.

T’ai Chi summer holidays are a golden opportunity to give yourself a week to relax, grow and develop your T’ai Chi.

Our International teaching teams, with over forty years of presenting trainings, will guide you through four hours of Tuition daily – two hours of T’ai Chi and a further two hours to promote embodiment.  You can choose to do as little as you wish, or as much as possible.  Complete beginners are very welcome. 

Extra classes include Hawaiian swimming, meditation and early morning rounds.  Optional programmes are offered every evening and there is plenty of free time to relax and explore the local area.

Founded in 1979 the T’ai Chi Foundation (TCF) is an international non-profit school whose mission is to study and teach T’ai Chi as a way to bring health and consciousness to humanity.

TCF summer holidays attract a wide variety of people from around the globe, from all walks of life and all age groups.


Summer 2022 Cheltenham