Supporting Courses

While progressing through the curriculum there are important courses, which will enhance the relevance of T’ai Chi to your daily life and deepen your understanding. They are equally appropriate for those with little or no experience in T’ai Chi as for experienced students, and we encourage you to take advantage of them as and when they are offered.

Roots & BranchesSM
Five Element Qi Gong

Drawing on postures and movements from the T’ai Chi form, this work integrates principles, breath and focus in the tantien to generate, unblock and circulate your precious vital energy - or chi - allowing it to nourish you at the very deepest level. The course takes you on a journey through the Five Elements of the Chinese Classics to give insight into how they manifest in Nature and in us. The course is open to all students – new or experienced.

5 elements

The Eight Ways of T’ai Chi Chuan SM

Eight gentle movements, distilled from the T’ai Chi form by Cheng Man-Ch’ing, are brought to life through images from Nature, making The Eight Ways fun to learn and easy to practice. For those already studying T’ai Chi, the Eight Ways reinforce and accelerate your embodiment of the principles and make explicit how those principles apply to daily activities like walking, sitting, climbing stairs, etc. Equally suitable for those whose age or fitness may preclude learning the full form, practicing the Eight Ways offers all the same health benefits.

Meditation -
Experiencing the Breath

Historically, T'ai Chi and meditation go hand in hand. They both combine a relaxed straight posture with a mind at ease to awaken the spirit. In this course you will experience the breath as a meditation. These techniques will enhance your experience of balance & relaxation in body, mind and spirit.